Welcome to horse sales Ireland whether you are interested in buying one horse or one hundred horses you are on the right site . At horse sales Ireland we strive to match riders to the most suitable horses in what ever chosen discipline . Our interest is not in fast one off sales but in building a ongoing working relationship with our clients to this we attribute a lot of our success .

To pick the best horses we rely on on a combination of key factors . For many years i followed my late father Patrick Cash through the fares and sales listening to every word of wisdom and learning my future business as a horse trader . Following in the footsteps of six generations of respected and successful horse traders before me .

It is these years of knowledge and wisdom i use to pick the horses i trade in . Chosen for temperament beauty and performance . All my horses are stabled at my state of the art facility which consists of two cross country courses a derby course gallops and large manage ideal for putting every horse through its paces before it is put foreword to be sold and carry the reputation of horse sales Ireland . I feel that every horse that is sold is a ambassador to the ongoing success of horse sales Ireland .

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions . Thank you for taking the time to view my site and happy horse hunting .


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